'making the energy transition tangible'

REConvert is a power electronics development company with it's main focus in the Renewable Energy market.
We develop state of the art power electronic products and systems for customers all over the world. Our goal is to help them to achieve a quick return-on-investment by lowering their total cost of ownership while reducing their carbon footprint.

The team behind REConvert has more than 20 years experience in EU and US markets. An agile development method is employed to maximize the development efficiency and to provide insight to stakeholders.
REConvert comprises of a small core team with a large flexible shell of dedicated experts with whom we have been collaborating for many years. REConvert can act as OEM supplier or use a licensing formula to offer the best possible solution.

Electronics development

The electronics development specialist provides state-of-the-art electronics with high quality. The group has a very strong power electronics track record, providing solutions with analog components as well as high speed DSP and complex controls. The team has background in power conversion technologies such as DC/DC converters, Inverters and Chargers both for standalone and grid-tie applications.

Embedded software development

The embedded firmware experience within the team makes a fast time to market and flexible, yet solid, robust, and thoroughly qualified software possible. The team has strong competencies in micro controller firmware development, Linux embedded software development on a whole series of platforms and chip sets. They provide custom components but they also leverage on a suite of key software components.

Control systems

The team has expertise and skills in the field of control systems engineering. With extensive know-how of modeling power converters, signal processing and controller design we add value to our products by justifying all the control design choices in our products. For our models mathematical programmes suchs as matlab/simulink, LTspice and Psim are used.

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